Randevu Online Akıllı Yönlendirme

High Service Level

Call center service level goes over 90%.

Randevu Online Akıllı Yönlendirme

Error-Free Appointments

Errors arising from call assistants are decreasing.

Randevu Online Akıllı Yönlendirme

Smart Forwarding

Correct guidance in case of opening new polyclinic / department.

What is Randevu Online (RAON)?

First OmniChannel Appointment & Booking Management Platform

Randevu Online is the next generation OmniChannel Appointment & Booking Management Platform for Business and Organisations.


We have developed RAON by integrating the latest artificial intelligence and chatbot technologies of our age by prioritizing the customer-oriented approach for private businesses working with appointments or reservations, especially hospitals and healthcare institutions.


We have created a sample hospital application for you to experience Randevu Online .

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As Randevu Online is a platform for businesses and institutions that provide services by appointment, through the website, WhatsApp LiveChat and ChatBot, Call Center channels. Thus we combine all the appointment channels to ensure that patients experience the same experience in these channels.

System Features

Cloud Platform

Voice Activated System

Powered by AI

Smart Selection of departments

Self service system management

  • Online Appointment System via Web Site

    "Make an appointment by choosing an outpatient clinic and a doctor on the website."

    Hospitals using the Randevu Online platform; they can make an online appointment by choosing a polyclinic and a doctor from the website such as the Central Physician Appointment System (MHRS) by the Turkish Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Health Information Systems.

    Unlike the MHRS portal, patients who want to make an online appointment on the website can access the appointment calendar of the hospital they have chosen by entering their identity and contact information without the need for a Turkish ID number and password. After the desired department, date and time are selected, SMS is sent to the declared phone number for confirmation purposes and also calls are made from the call center for live confirmation.

    web sitese online randevu system
  • Appointment via Instant Live Chat

    Live instant appointment with WhatsApp / Chatbot messaging apps.

    Instant messaging applications, which are used extensively as a private communication tool, have started to be preferred for customer service by people.

    Randevu Online offers whatsapp and chatbot supported live message appointment system for patients who prefer to make a live appointment via instant mobile phones instead of using the hospitals' online website or call center.

    Appointment via live chat
  • Appointment System From Call Center

    Make an appointment with a voice command over a dedicated call line.

    Hospitals using the Randevu Online platform; Turkish Ministry of Health Hospital Appointment Phone ALO 182 MHRS can make an appointment over the phone via a specially allocated call line.

    Randevu Online uses voice command technology to raise the service levels of hospital call centers, reduce assistant-induced appointment errors, and provide accurate guidance in case of opening a new outpatient clinic / department.

    Appointment via Call Center
  • IVR Collection System

    With the integration of payment infrastructure, payment of credit to the credit card on behalf of an institution.

    Hospitals using the Randevu Online platform; can collect fee they make an appointment with.

    The IVR collection system offered by Randevu Online as a service is provided by the integration of the cloud exchange and the payment infrastructure.

    IVR collection system
  • Hospital Subdomain

    Creating a page with doctor and department information for the hospital receiving service.

    Hospitals that are subscribers of the Randevu Online platform; On www.randevuonline.net web address, they can publish information about the whole department, polyclinic and their doctors under a sub-domain name.

    Subdomains allocated as "https://hastaneadi.randevuonline.net" help hospitals to be found more quickly in searches on the Internet.

    Hospital Subdomain
Randevu Online Akıllı Yönlendirme

High Service Level

The call center service level goes over 90%.

Randevu Online Akıllı Yönlendirme

Error-Free Appointments

Errors arising from call assistants are decreasing.

Randevu Online Akıllı Yönlendirme

Smart Forwarding

Correct guidance in case of opening new polyclinic / department.


We have created a sample hospital application for you to experience Randevu Online.





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Who Is Appointment Online For?

The ideal platform to manage all your appointment channels from a single point.

Randevu Online offers solutions to its corporate customers with a single-point and service-oriented approach with the technologies it has developed by prioritizing its end-user experience and needs.


  • Service from a single point
  • Service orriented approach


Randevu Online, is an innovative service ideal for private hospitals, doctors, dentists, private practices, private polyclinics and health centers, imaging centers, laboratory and analysis centers, physics and rehabilitation centers. Apart from the health sector, restaurants, cafes, hotels, hairdressers, barbers and beauty centers can also benefit from the value-added services of Randevu Online.

Advantages of Randevu Online

Manage all your appointment and booking channels from a single point.

  • "The hospitals, which switch to the Randevu Online platform where they can manage the call center, website and whatsapp appointment channels from one point, increase the service levels above 90%. When patients report their illness to the voice command system on the phone, the artificial intelligence directs them to the right department or polyclinic. Thus, the error in the appointments received its rate is almost zero. "

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    Randevu Online Account Manager

Management Team

Randevu Online Managing Team Members

Do you have any questions?

The main questions and answers about Randevu Online

  • What is the pricing model of Randevu Online? How much is the initial investment cost?

    RANDEVU ONLINE is charged per appointment made on the the system. The starter package is 499 USD without VAT for up to 1000 appointments. You can use the first month (30 days) free to try the platform.

    Initial investment cost is ZERO and Randevu Online provides free support during the initial installation of the system.

    The pricing includes appointment on the website, whatsapp chatbot and call center service all is offered as a package. It is enough to provide a Whatsapp account. For any other inquiries about pricing please contact us.

  • How is appointment management done?

    You can use the self-service management screens for outpatient clinic, department and doctor identification. There are also screens to report the appointments in detail.

    One of the most important features that distinguishes us from others is that you can collect inspection fees from the Online and IVR on the platform.

    After each procedure, you can inform patient / doctor via SMS and e-mail.

  • What advantages will Randevu Online provide to our hospital?

    RANDEVU ONLINE, will help you manage all your appointment channels from a single point.

    The website will increase the service level of whatsapp chatbot and call line channels to over 90%. While minimizing the errors caused by call center assistants, with the help of artificial intelligence-supported voice recognition technology, patients will make an appointment from the right polyclinic or department according to their illness.

    When the new outpatient clinic or department is opened, correct forwarding can be made.

    In addition, thanks to the IVR collection system integrated with the cloud exchange, we will collect paid appointments on behalf of your hospital in phone calls.

    To summarize the advantages;
    * Minimum error rate in appointment,
    * Pay as you go model,
    * 24/7 service including holidays and public holidays,
    * Over 90% service level in all channels
    * Collection from IVR
    * Fast integration with Hospital ITS
    * Possibility of number transfer

  • Can we customize Randevu Online according to the needs of our hospital?

    Yes. It is possible to introduce the polyclinic or department tree of your hospital to the system by using the RANDEVU ONLINE management screens.

    You can log in on the basis of physicians according to their branch and level, you can determine your appointment hours and leave days. You can define different paid examinations for each branch or even a doctor.

  • We use HBYS for appointments. Why should we use RAON platform?

    We implemented the omnichannel concept used in communication and marketing to perfect the customer experience. With the Randevu Online platform, we help you manage all your appointment channels from a single point. In other words, we integrate easily with your existing ITS (via web services), you do not need to make any changes regarding the Hospital Information System.

  • What kind of services do you offer?

    We handled 3 main appointment channels on our platform and we aimed to give your customers the same experience in these channels.

    Appointments via the platform;
    1. It is provided with the support of artificial intelligence and voice command system via IVR (Call Center),
    2. chatbot support via Whatsapp and
    3. by filling out the e-appointment form via the website.

    Each of these 3 channels is supported by semantic search engine and artificial intelligence technologies. In other words, the outpatient clinic / department can be directed with the disease and illness names. The voice command system works in the call center.

  • We can also make an appointment at our Call Center. What is your advantage?

    We have three ways of working on Call Center service.

    In the first model, your existing call center assistants continue to provide services by connecting to the RANDEVU ONLINE service (hospital_name.randevuonline.net), which we will create for you over the WEB. Thus, we reduce the risk of call center assistants making mistakes in the call and enable them to make appointments faster and without errors. Your patients can use the same service over WEB or Whatsapp chat.

    In the second model, we switch your Call Center IVR System to the award-winning ALOTECH Cloud IVR system. In this way, you both switch to a cost-effective Call Center system and reduce the call load of your current operation by making an automatic appointment in the IVR Voice Response system with the artificial intelligence chatbot infrastructure. Calls are only answered by your assistants in cases where artificial intelligence cannot capture queries.

    In the third model, we provide end-to-end telephone appointment services, including call center assistant staff, as well as Randevu Online. By separating your Call Center, you reduce call center operation costs.

  • Do you provide technical support when we have encountered technical issues?

    Of course! One of the strongest aspects of the RANDEVU ONLINE platform is the after sales support services. Within Teknosor Teknoloji, we provide service with our 9+ years experienced staff in technical support services. You can request support via 24/7 call center, instant message and e-mail.

  • Do we have a chance to try Randevu Online?


    We created an demo hospital on the platform. Here you can review the e-appointment process on the website.

    Just complete and send the REGISTRATION FORM to customize it for your own hospital and test all the features of the platform for 30 days. The system will automatically activate your private platform. You will start using your service under the domain of your hospital_name.randevuonline.net.

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